Samsung Galaxy S and software updates

I believe I should set the record straight. Samsung in the last few months has simply been amazingly fast at providing updates for Gingerbread (2.3.x). Not only did they start rolling out official releases to handsets from the 15th of April, they even provided the sources shortly after that. That’s right, the sources can be downloaded from right now.

So what does it mean for us handset users? Well, a wealth of good things actually. A few developers already mentioned they were working on the new sources to improve their kernels/ROMs. What is more interesting in the Free software approach is that now, supercurio (originator of the Voodoo project to improve color balance, sound and speed of the device) has created a sync’d git repo with the Gingerbread sources.

In the pure opensource spirit, developers from Cyanogen actually started sync’ing from it and working on other issues like the battery drain.

In short, the way I see it, we should see some spectacular ROMs emerging in the next few months.