CyanogenMod 7 part3: Return of the Jedi

Well, 3 days, that is all it took for me to miss Cyanogen so much that I got back to it. In fairness, latest leaked Samsung 2.3.3 (JVK) is by far the best ROM I have tested from them but Cyanogen is so much nicer (and kept all the nice Gingerbread enhancements).

There were still two things I wanted to sort out right: the radio file and the power consumption. I was made aware of a nice alternative kernel called project-voodoo in which kang builds nice voodoo kernels for CM7. Not only you can change the voltage, but it as the color/sound fixes from Voodoo.

So I moved onto installing Xang’s Voltage Control from the Android Market. I took the settings from the post above: OC/UV set using Xan’s Voltage Control. 1.2Ghz max, 100Mhz -125mV, 200mhz -75mV, 400mhz -50mV, 600mhz disabled, the rest default

As for the radio file, JVK is available in the latest files, download and apply the zip in recovery.

Will report on battery life soon.