Samsung Galaxy S2 : Alternative ROMs

I took some time to look around for alternative ROMs, here is a quick list of my findings: – Villain ROM : rooted ROM and deodexed, some optimized apps. For the install, follow the guide– Lite’ning ROM : new skin, tweaks from 2.3.4, optimized apps, circular battery, rooted ROM and a few other good things […]

2 factor SSH authentication

Google has released a nice API quite a while back called the Google Authenticator. I am sure some of you use it already for your gmail account (if you don’t, you should). You install it from the Android Market (or Apple Market for the Apple lovers out there) then setup your account. I recently read […]

Cyanogen 7 & Samsung Galaxy S2

As you know, I have been a big fan of the original Samsung Galaxy S and Cyanogen Mod. In the good news department, work has begun and we can expect something hopefully in the upcoming weeks. If you want to participate to the bounty, click here. One of the devs I follow a lot on […]

GRUB2 eats your OSes

After a chat in the pub with a friend of mine, I thought it were time to bring back to life my netbsd which didn’t boot anymore post installation of Grub2 on my Debian laptop. I have found a nice page describing Grub 2. All I had to do was then to edit this file […]