IOS rootkits and the end of the proprietary routers

Well not quite, but I fancy myself a bit as a journalist. This made the news on so many sites, this is not funny anymore. This was announced at EUSecWest, Sebastian Muniz announced that he had a proof of concept to run IOS rootkits on Cisco gear. Apparently, it didn’t take long for Cisco to […]

The Debian aftermath

Unless you have been living in cave or been on holidays in the last week or so, chances are you have heard about the debian bug which has been advertised last week. It didn’t actually take long for people to react, if you are into rants and mathematical arguments, take a look at the ILUG […]

Sourceforge is all evil

Well according to Google at least. It was quite a surprise to see Google deciding for me that the Sourceforge was dangerous (cf screenshot).

Deadly OpenLDAP online book

I came across a deadly online book about OpenLDAP the other day, and I think it is about time i blog it before it returns to oblivion. So here it is, without further delay, the LDAP book for Rocket Scientists.

OpenBSD 4.3 is out

That time of the month again, and with exciting news. The rebellious and controversial OS is back with more support than ever and some new stuff. I invite you to take a look at the official 4.3 release page. Things that I like about this release : proper official snmpd, SMP support for Sparc 64bits […]