Building a home made NAS

This is the first part of a few posts on my experience on building a home NAS. This has been on my mind for a while but it should be noted that I am planning to run slightly more things with this than just your typical NAS, hence why I am not going for an […]

Cyanogenmod experimental 10 for SGS3

Been a while since I made time to actually post about CyanogenMod. In the meantime, I happen to have changed my handset to a Samsung Galaxy S3. I tried the stock ROM for a few days and I can honestly declare it much better than previous stock ROM experiences I had on the SGS and […]

How to rescue your SGS2 from a bad download

This post is based on Cyanogenmod 9 and the samsung Galaxy S2. I also now do all my flashing under Linux using heimdall. If you do not know what that is or do not feel comfortable on the command line, you shall look elsewhere I had fun tonight with a firmware that I downloaded and […]

Samsung Galaxy SII and ICS: part II, the two towers.

I wrote a while back about the SGS II and ICS coming to it. Well a month later, things have moved quite significantly. First, Samsung announced and started deploying their final ROM based on ICS. I am saying based since the feedback is fairly bad and having tested it myself, I can report that it […]

Samsung Galaxy SII and ICS 4.0.3

There is no denying that I am a pure geek, as such, I want to test everything even if it is alpha release. Google released Ice Cream Sandwich (4.x) in December and hackers have been working hard to provide ROMs. Samsung has leaked already a fair few testing versions and I got to say that […]

CyanogenMod 7.1.0 is out!

The new Cyanogen release is now out and officially supports the Samsung Galaxy S2! Read all the details of the announce but also don’t forget to take a look at the changelog. I was on the nightly builds since mid-july but it is nice to see a stable release out there. You can download it […]