Upgrading MoinMoin from 1.5.x to 1.9.x

This is my quick attempt to document this before I forget. I used to like MoinMoin as time goes by, I have gotten to hate it a bit more every day. This post however is not a rant against it but a quick and dirty guide to fixing it when upgrading. This was all done […]

HDMI sound under Linux

I have eventually bought a video card which can output sound. Took me a while to get the settings right but I feel the night to document this. I have found a nice document from Nvidia which should help you getting the basics. The program which really helped me out here is the following command: […]

nginx hates me

Tried to debug this tonight, i got plenty of messages about not being able to bind to :: (yes, i do use IPv6). Turns out it is a simple fix, but still feel the need to document. net.ipv6.bindv6only = 1 Thanks Sean 🙂

24h with the SGS II

I have caved in and bought the Samsung Galaxy SII. This is a short entry about the differences and neatness I found compared to my previously beloved phone: the SGS. It packs an impressive amount of stuff. In short, twice the memory from the last device (that is both RAM and internal), 8MP camera (vs […]