OpenVPN on SGS2 using Cyanogen 7.1

I have toyed with this yesterday and thought I would share the experiment. I wanted to try out the OpenVPN software built-in Cyanogen for my Samsung Galaxy S2, for this I used a Debian on the other side (which uses a public IP). The first step is obviously installing OpenVPN on the server, then configuring […]

CyanogenMod 7.1.0 is out!

The new Cyanogen release is now out and officially supports the Samsung Galaxy S2! Read all the details of the announce but also don’t forget to take a look at the changelog. I was on the nightly builds since mid-july but it is nice to see a stable release out there. You can download it […]

Highly redundant FS server with DRBD

I got to work on a pretty cool piece of hardware lately in order to setup a highly redundant FS server. This is on Centos 5.x, you will need to grab the following packages from CentOS+: drbd83, kmod-drbd83, make sure you exactly match your kernel revision, you can grab the RPMS from the official mirror […]