CyanogenMod 7 part3: Return of the Jedi

Well, 3 days, that is all it took for me to miss Cyanogen so much that I got back to it. In fairness, latest leaked Samsung 2.3.3 (JVK) is by far the best ROM I have tested from them but Cyanogen is so much nicer (and kept all the nice Gingerbread enhancements). There were still […]

IPv6 readyness

INEX in Ireland has launched a nice initiative where you can register your site as IPv6 Ready, mine passed 🙂 Thanks to Sean, he sent me a nice link to make your Google site IPv6 ready (if you are using your own DNS).

A little bit of security

I would like to take some time to talk about security and all those little packets going to your servers. I am sure that you are familiar with Snort which has been around for years to help you being made aware of attacks on your servers. Another initiatve was actually created a few years back […]

Samsung Android and secret codes

If like me you’ve been tampering with your device a fair bit, chances are you’ll need to use some of these. I found the following so far. Use these at your own risk. – Access the GPS menu: *#*#3214789650#*#* then go to SUPL / CP Settings and select FQDN Type / AUTO Config. – EMEI: […]

Cyanogen 7, follow up

I posted last week about my introduction in the Cyanogen world. It has been a week and I am a happy camper, releases are quite frequent, they add new radio files to fix reception issues and battery life problems, and they even allow you to build your own. I think I can honestly say that […]

CyanogenMod 7 for Samsung Galaxy S

Last week, I had a chat with a few friends about phone ROMs, the consensus was fairly clear, stock ROMs really suck. I have had my phone since late June 2010 on android 2.1 back then (awful release), then 2.2.1 in December 2010 and tried 2.3.2 leaked from Samsung in March 2011. I got fed […]


I am almost sure i mentioned that somewhere on the internet before but I cannot for the life of me find any reference on any of my sites. So, I thought I’d do a quick entry here. If like me you spend many hours on your computer, you know all about eyes tireness. Well all […]