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blocked on google+

A few months ago, I got banned for not using a real name on facebook. Well, guess what, this happened on google+ too. I am not pleased and I am not the only one. At the minute I can see other posts but cannot create new ones. I got the following message: Your profile is […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 : Cyanogen, it’s here!

For the last few days, CyanogenMod 7 got released this week, you can read all about the changes and how to install it on the linked thread. I have decided to write a quick entry with all the useful links for a nice experience with cm7. I would advise to take a look at the […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 : secret codes

There was a nice post on XDA not long ago summing up the list of secret codes for this handset, I’ve decided to paste them here since it will come in handy again. I have wiped out a few too since there were a lot of codes I didn’t see the point for. *#1234# = […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 : Alternative ROMs, part 2

I have discovered a few more new ROMs available since, and decided to add them to my list: – Darky ROM: this one is quite known especially for SGS users, nice battery life, a few customisations, rooted ROM, it just entered beta. – MIUI: Very similar ROM to cyanogen since it is build from scratch […]