Protecting your blog with NAXSI

I have been pondering how to make wordpress more secure. This is when i stepped on NAXSI. This is a WAF developed specifically for nginx. As it happens, i am providing an nginx debian package for squeeze that I plan to update. So here is the package for nginx 1.2.6 (amd64) built against naxsi 0.48. […]

How to recover your google auth database

I seem to be forgetting this all the time so there you go, linked from another article: But also manually, get the database in /data/data/ then you can open it with sqlite3.

Steam on Linux using Arch and Nvidia drivers

I have been testing Steam on Linux with no great deal of success on Arch compared to Ubuntu. I stepped onto that error today your video card is unsupported, or your OpenGL driver needs to be updated. This returned an interesting solution on the steam community forums. What fixed it for me was: sudo pacman […]

Happy New Year 2013!

This is that time of the year again. I have gathered some quick starts like last year, I have posted in average twice as less this year with only 15 entries (41 in 2011), visits have steadily stayed around 11k to 12k per month (while hits reached around 80.000 per month). This shows me that […]