Nexus 5

It was only a few months ago (February 2013) when I got the Nexus 4, a device I truly loved. Being the Android fanboy that I am, when Google uncovered the Nexus 5 at the beginning of the month, I could not resist. In fairness, if you compare them side by side, they might not […]

Nexus 4 first thoughts and random shit

It has been almost 5 days that I have ditched my Samsung S3 for a Nexus 4. I have had time to witness issues and other things, so what do have to say after almost a week of usage. During the week, 4.2.2 dropped by OTA, I have yet to see the benefits but it […]

A day with the Nexus 4

As I mentioned to a few people, I have abandoned my Samsung Galaxy S3 for a Google Nexus 4 (the one made by LG). As for Samsung, I will never buy their devices again, they do not care about opening their Exynos platform and provide updated sources. Cyanogenmod has been playing catch up game for […]