Apple sucks, it’s official

I have been annoyed a few times by non-technical people referring to mp3 players as IPods. As if they’d been brainwashed and nothing else existed… That’s at least proof that Apple’s marketing is actually working full steam. In the bad news department, there is one which shocked me. If you clicked on the link before […]

This is a good day

I like to think so since SCO filed for bankruptcy. Sure, they are avoiding the last of the trials but who cares. Time to let the biggest waste of time disappear back to where it came from : oblivion. Let’s also note that before going up in flames, they are claiming in their press release […]

Spam via normal mail

There is a real reason behind using whois privacy (which I unfortunately discovered a little bit too late). And that is specifically to avoid receiving spam. I am used to spam, this is part of my sysadmin tasks to eradicate it before I even see it. One thing I haven’t quite been used to is […]

OpenLDAP 2.4 : Ready to take over AD ?

Well, after the presentation from this evening, I’d very much like to think so. Howard Chu (one of the core developers of OpenLDAP) was giving a talk tonight for the ILUG (but open to public). The presentation went into the new features of 2.4 (currently released as 2.4.5 as of the beginning of September) and […]