RIAA and net radio : it’s on …

Well my fear became reality today when The Register reported that a royalty increase has been declared and is therefore official. This means that internet radios will have huge fees to pay depending on their audience. Quoting from The Register’s article increased the royalty for music streamed under a statutory license by 170 per cent […]

Hellfest 2007

For those into Metal music, Hellfest is one of these big festivals and that one is in France ! So if you happen to be able to be around Nantes (Clisson) during the last week end of June, this is the reason you should be there ! I made the 2006 edition and it was […]

RIAA will get you, all of you

Again, nice one from the US, this time, the RIAA is out to slam all internet streaming radios through the CRB (US Copyright Royalties Board) with new rates close to 10 times what they used to charge (and that is for streaming only, we are not talking about copyrights here …). I advise on a […]

Eircom and LLU : moving forward

Most of you might have read about this on various sites but I think it is important to mention here anyway. Eircom signed for the LLU (Local Loop Unbundling). So what that it mean ? It means that people willing to move away from Eircom to other providers such as Smart (for example 🙂 can […]