A skype blog for Linux users

I know Skype is one of those evil companies using Proprietary protocols but you have to admit, the problem is simple : everyone uses it. So if like me you have it under Linux, you might be wondering when the hell is it that they are going to support video in there … I recently […]

HD DVD encryption cracked :)

What do you know, for those who remember the beginning of the DVD encryption, we were told by Hollywood Studios that it would never be possible to crack their encryption since it was so elaborate and they had invested so much money in it. Jon made the news a couple of times since especially since […]

Vista is bad for you

And believe it or not, I am not even the one telling you this, not only the register did with this article but today, the Free Software Foundation launched a campaign called BadVista which aims at warning people against closed-source software but also promoting Free Software alternatives. In the long run, I am sure when […]