Getting to like Ubuntu 12.04 LTS again…

This post follows my previous where I blogged on replicating an ubuntu repo locally. As I had a few stations to install using the same method everytime, I have decided to document the setup to 12.04 LTS. First things first, disabling Unity and reverting to Gnome Classic (log out then select gnome-classic from the login […]

Creating local Debian/Ubuntu mirrors on a HDD

I will soon be in a place where internet bandwidth will be limited and I will have to upgrade about 5 workstations to the latest Ubuntu LTS. Back then in $previous_workplace, I set up debmirror back then and moved onto apt-mirror afterwards. I currently run Arch Linux on my home workstation and needed to replicate […]

Sepultura Dublin August 2012

I have loved Sepultura live 2 years ago and had lost touch with them since. Their last opus Kairos released in 2011 was not bad but left me asking for more. Man was I wrong about that statement… Their performance was indeed a bit short (1h30) but such violence though! The band has decided to […]

Cyanogenmod experimental 10 for SGS3

Been a while since I made time to actually post about CyanogenMod. In the meantime, I happen to have changed my handset to a Samsung Galaxy S3. I tried the stock ROM for a few days and I can honestly declare it much better than previous stock ROM experiences I had on the SGS and […]