Cyanogenmod experimental 10 for SGS3

Been a while since I made time to actually post about CyanogenMod. In the meantime, I happen to have changed my handset to a Samsung Galaxy S3. I tried the stock ROM for a few days and I can honestly declare it much better than previous stock ROM experiences I had on the SGS and SGS2. It however didn’t take long for me to miss CyanogenMod. So Cyanogen 9 builds have passed RC2. It is very stable and I cannot find much I miss from stock (provided you do not use HDMI to TV).

On the Cyanogen 10 front (based on JellyBean Android 4.1.x), things are progressing quickly and experimental builds are available. I do recommend you read the forum thread since this is still experimental.

Been using cm10 for a few days, the progress of the ROM is amazing on a daily basis, fixes are coming in fast and I consider it now stable enough to run it daily (fair few things I do not do with that phone like TV-OUT, if it matters to you, i recommend you use Darky instead).