Grafana 2 and Nginx

I have spent a bit more time tuning that setup so it works the way I want(tm). I have also decided that I no longer want to use the default graphite web UI but rather use grafana exclusively. The collector used here is Diamond. It has an extensive list of collectors to grab all the […]

Graphite and Nginx with uwsgi (2015 version)

A few years back, I wrote this tutorial to install Graphite with uwsgi on Debian. At the time, I used uwsgi 0.9.9 which has since evolved. My current Debian Jessie uses packages available from the system rather than having to use tarballs. It is now provided as version 2.0.7 Needless to say it has changed […]

Importing sqlite3 to MySQL in a semi non painful way.

The example I will give below should work for most data. I needed to import dashboards for graphite in sqlite3 format to MySQL which is our now standard backend. This is the rough steps I used. Get that file from /opt/graphite/storage/graphite.db then dump it like it is 1982: Grab that wonderful python script. I am […]