IPVS in a VRRP setup

VRRP is a neat way to make your setup redundant the right way and balance over an IP from one machine to another. I have touched on IPVS last week in a simple setup, here is now another way to do a neater more robust setup. If you recall last week’s example, we had a […]

Graphite (or get the metrics right)

I would like to talk briefly about Graphite. Quite simply put the best graphing tool I have dealt with so far. It uses something similar to RRDtool but in a cleverer way, especially on writing data prior to the current date which i find very handy in some cases. I should state that I have […]

IPVS, the right way

I had a close encounter with IPVS lately and wanted to document my findings. Imagine a setup whereby you have one IP used for a bunch of hosts on port 80, for the sake of the example we’ll call that one, now let us take 3 boxes, the IPVS one with IP, and […]

dhclient the right way(tm)

This is not exactly complicated but I feel the need to document this before I forget. Say you have a machine facing a hostile DHCP server (the type which is very aggressive with lease times). The problem here is that you need a long list of DNS and search to your resolv.conf. There are many […]