I want an iPhone… NOT!

I have been giving a lot of consideration about the iPhone which is now available here in Ireland from o2. I have been an o2 customer for quite some time (well almost 10 years now 🙂 and after having read any kind of technical review I could get my hands on, I eventually walked into […]

Petition for NVIDIA cards

I am sure you’d all like a real open driver for Nvidia video cards. There is already nouveau which was initiated by freedesktop. Well, there is a petition you can sign which asks for specifications and open drivers. 6364 signatures at the time of blogging, pass it on.

Dicepool wants you

I had done that test almost 3 years ago and back then, I obtained a D8 : Deep, Dark and Cynical (how surprising 🙂 As one of the creators of D&D; actually died. I thought I’d give it another whirl. Funnily enough, I got the same score again, with the following text : “No use […]

How nerd are you?

Well I’m sure that this is a pretty old website but I’d never spotted it before today, so you can actually take your nerd test here and prove to yourself that you need to go out more. I found this link out of hellbunnie’s website. Here’s my result :

NiN is back

Slightly off-topic on the computer side but I thought I’d mention it (especially since this blog in English hasn’t been updated since December…). Nine Inch Nails (and the man behind : Trent Reznor) went a step further than the RIAAA and the music labels would like by offering for free the 9 first tracks of […]