I want an iPhone… NOT!

I have been giving a lot of consideration about the iPhone which is now available here in Ireland from o2. I have been an o2 customer for quite some time (well almost 10 years now 🙂 and after having read any kind of technical review I could get my hands on, I eventually walked into a shop today and checked it out.

My grudge against the iPhone is its lack of 3G. The second one (related to the fact that I own a N95 8GB) is that the GPS is missing. Well it uses GoogleMaps (which I have nothing against) but if you find yourself roaming, connecting over GPRS/3G in foreign countries will cost you an arm and a leg. Also, you are bound to an 18 months contract (with a minimum of 45 euros per month).

Anyway, there is still a good outcome about the iPhone, o2 recently changed their data pricing. Moving from 10MB for 10 euros to 250MB for 7.50 euros is a real improvement for my mobile.