Vista ain’t ready (just in case you doubted it)

It is now official, Vista might not be as ready as we thought so. People having tested it in the early days know about it already. I can confirm this myself having had to test its readiness (read compatibility) with our network structure and applications. One of my favorite sites being the Register released another […]

The day internet audio streaming died

Some might remember that I posted about royalties fee being stepped up for this year by the RIAA. The appeal was actually denied this Friday as Ars Technica reports. There is however hope, at least temporarily, more details on this article from the Register.

Blacklists 101 ?

I have to admit this title is a bit excessive but I found that article quite interesting. It started from TheReg where I saw something about blacklists being obsolete and I have to say, that got me thinking a bit. A quick googling pointed me to the right site which inspired the article, it actually […]

Old formats issues ? Microsoft to the rescue!

I have to say, that one tops pretty much what I have seen lately. Microsoft will help the UK National Archives to ensure that old file formats can be read as the BBC reported. This is quite something coming from a company which has always pushed proprietary formats and ensured that their version of XML […]