Mac 2006 SSD upgrade

I have a first generation Intel Mac Book Pro 2006, this is the one with a Radeon card, which makes it incompatible with any other version of Mac OS than 10.7.5 (there are of course alternatives but I have not been too pushed to actually try them due to the incompatibility with the Radeon). I […]

NAS Upgrade, new drives!

This post is more of a reminder to myself on upgrading and rebuilding the RAID on these new drives before I forget. This is what I did on the parted front to set up the new clean HDDs. Rince and repeat for all drives. Then check them out with mdadm (sure, you can use hardware […]

Importing sqlite3 to MySQL in a semi non painful way.

The example I will give below should work for most data. I needed to import dashboards for graphite in sqlite3 format to MySQL which is our now standard backend. This is the rough steps I used. Get that file from /opt/graphite/storage/graphite.db then dump it like it is 1982: Grab that wonderful python script. I am […]

Docker on Debian Wheezy

I recently got to play with Docker at work and thought, what would it take to get that running on a Debian stable system like Wheezy. In short, surprisingly little if you are not afraid to install a more recent, less tested kernel. So I guess, let’s start and see what is involved. I decided […]

Installing Suricata, Snorby and Banyard2 on Debian

I have used Snort quite extensively in the past and was curious about toying with Suricata which is similar to Snort but nicer in my view. It has been a few years since I looked at it. I can see the project seems to have evolved quite a lot. One functionality that I will be […]

gmvault, claim your mail back.

It has been a while since I have written a post on this blog. I recently got back into looking at how to backup my gmail accounts, just in case, because paranoia, you know… As I thought I had seen back then, you cannot use Google takeout. I am unsure why exactly but the end […]

New shiny server!

So imagine my surprise when a friend gave me a link to my current hoster and got me to find a nice server with twice the amount of RAM, twice the hard disk space, bigger CPUs for 5 euros less per month 🙂 And this is how you are now reading this on the new […]

Configuring OSSEC with MySQL and Analogi

I have been using OSSEC for a while now but I always used only plain text logs. While this is not bad, it does not scale really well. I started looking into a way to do it right(tm). I knew OSSEC was compatible with MySQL, and since 2.7 has been released, it gave me an […]

Protecting your blog with NAXSI

I have been pondering how to make wordpress more secure. This is when i stepped on NAXSI. This is a WAF developed specifically for nginx. As it happens, i am providing an nginx debian package for squeeze that I plan to update. So here is the package for nginx 1.2.6 (amd64) built against naxsi 0.48. […]

Spotify on an RPM based system (64 bits)

I recently registered with Spotify and wanted to listen to it on Linux. They have a preview client for Debian but nothing for RPM based systems. Funnily enough, they have an app for Android. This is a quick and dirty guide to get it running on CentOS/RHEL systems. You will need a PREMIUM subscription for […]