how to repair an mkv file

I have such a file which happened to be broken. I looked around the web and found various methods but most of them involving Windows. Until I stepped on a very cool project called meteorite. It fixed my file in a matter of minutes (I have a core i7 processor so it’s fairly fast…). I […]

Android 2.2 for Samsung Galaxy S (Part 2)

Apparently we are now only a few weeks away from the final but I just couldn’t resist… I discovered today via Twitter that samfirmware had a new version available for upgrade : I9000XXJPH . I was using JPC that i upgraded 2 weeks ago. The previous version already made a massive change with a snappier […]

dd-wrt and IPv6

I had a fun time with my dd-wrt device lately. It seems that it doesn’t give IPv6 router advertisement to my clients, let alone get an IPv6 address on its own. My fix was to add these two commands on startup (make sure that the IPv6 address you assign is in the same subnet as […]