Dagoba in Dublin

Yes that’s right, they were playing tonight in the Eamon Doran in Dublin and it was a hell of a performance, been really impressed and nearly broke my neck 🙂 Good thing was that they allowed cameras so i just couldn’t help myself and decided to take a few pictures, you can take a look […]

Eudora == Thunderbird

Yes, who would have believed that ?! OSNews gave us the News. Qualcomm announced that they will progressively move to Thunderbird for the future of their mail application. This is quite a statement. I do remember that back in the Windows 95 days, i used it, and there we are, feeling a bit old right […]

Some more smart …

Hello, decided to quickly speak again about my ISP Smart Telecom. We eventually received an email today about the phones disruptions. This is good, feedback is something I like to see from a service provider. The best part is to come, they actually (and I have to ask how did they pull a stunt like […]

Eircom not so smart …

For the lucky people out there living in Ireland as I do, i think you might appreciate what is currently happening with Smart Telecom (my current ISP) and Eircom (the ones selling internet connectivity to Smart). It was all over the news today : 40.000 Smart customers had their phone line cut out due to […]