SNMP Checks for Dell PE Perc controllers

I am slowly catching on some lists on my mail account and found an interesting post to check the status of a Dell PowerEdge Perc RAID card, here’s the post. I recommend taking a look at it since it links to an XML template with SNMP OIDs (so should be fairly straight forward to use […]

KVM and more responsive VMs

A friend of mine forwarded a mail from the LOPSA mailing list about tuning VMs running on KVM/libvirtd to make them more responsive. As I use puppet to manage my own VMs, a file and a new class later, I have edited /etc/default/grub to add elevator=deadline to the options, then run update-grub. You will obviously […]

Android 2.2.1 for Samsung Galaxy S

I think i’ve made enough posts by now to let you know that I own a Galaxy S from Samsung which hosts Android as an operating system. This is with quite some joy that I’d like to report a ROM available on SamFirmware where you will be able to grab 2.2.1 (current Froyo version was […]

DNSSEC helps fixing your DNS

Sure, I might be extrapolating that a bit but it does help pointing out some issues. As I am readying more zones to work with DNSSEC, I am in the process of making sure it works accordingly. I suggest you make your way to the DNSSEC software page if you are interested. One of these […]