ioquake3 & dual screen

Since it’s friday, had to try 🙂 Take the latest release of ioquake and add a pinch of custom configuration and voilà! For the lazy clicking type, edit .q3a/baseq3/q3config and add the following (modify width to your resolution obviously) : seta r_customheight “1024”seta r_customwidth “2560”seta r_fullscreen “0”seta r_mode “-1”

Huawei E180 & Linux

Today i bought a huawei E180 from the Irish ISP Three. That modem is supposed to bring very good speeds (up to 7.2 Mbps download). Since I was less than enthusiastic to run it on Windows, I started to play around with it on Linux. I used Gentoo for the following set up but you […]

The road to ext4

As many of you know, ext4 has now been marked stable as from kernel 2.6.28. If you are running a recent system, it is recommended you get the most up to date e2fsprogs-libs e2fsprogs. I have emerged the testing ones on my Gentoo. Next is to enable ext4 on your kernel then compile a recent […]