Android 2.2 on Samsung Galaxy S

I am sending this more as a reminder of a few good links I found lately. I managed to render the phone unusable with its SIM card last night. After a lot of testing and trialling, eventually found a firmware which works (JPC) which fixes my baseband radio issue. I can now make and receive […]

USB TempER and Linux

I have recently purchased a USB dongle to measure temperature and humidity. This dongle is supported under Linux as follows: 1130:660c Tenx Technology, Inc., I am quite happy to see that a few projects exist around this device. I have found one which seems to work properly. You just need to compile it then it […]

Free digital books

Not Linux related (although i’m going to use that on my kindle app on Android), i have found 2 places fairly nice to get free digital books, first one would be feedbooks and second one is the amazon kindle store, if you sort by price, then there’s plenty free there (thanks Sean for that one […]

Smart Telecom and the lost eircom line

This is not really Linux related but I feel the need to write about it. On the 31st of July, my line dropped dramatically in speed in excess of 10 times slower. After a quick check at the graphs (yes, i graph my home line, but who doesn’t 🙂 I noticed 2 disconnections on Saturday […]


After reading on Tom’s post I decided to give it a go as I wanted to experiment with coffee shots tonight. So grabbed the latest version. Then setup doing the usual python install. Creating an album was then dead easy : google picasa create –title “coffee_bottomless” *. It will authenticate you in your browser, […]

tux avatars

Been asked a few times where I found my avatars, it just so happens that i found the site again, so without further introduction, here is the Halloween ones. And also the Funny ones.