Smart Telecom and the lost eircom line

This is not really Linux related but I feel the need to write about it. On the 31st of July, my line dropped dramatically in speed in excess of 10 times slower. After a quick check at the graphs (yes, i graph my home line, but who doesn’t 🙂 I noticed 2 disconnections on Saturday between 8 and 9am. An unlikely time for eircom engineers to do any work (I confirmed this by asking the same question to the 3 eircom engineers I saw on-site). As it was a bank holiday week end, I could only call Smart’s tech support on Tuesday morning. A friend of mine suggested that I checked if I still had a dial tone. Sure enough, nothing. Smart scheduled an eircom engineer to come take a look at my line the next Friday. On Friday, my line disconnected for 45mn then the man called me saying all was fine and I needed to get in touch with Smart… Called Smart straight away who said this wasn’t right and scheduled another eircom engineer to come and take a look.

The second engineer came around the appartement and just couldn’t find my line, for him, my appartment had a faulty cable to the DCN so it was the property management’s fault… Called back Smart and they scheduled another appointment. This time got a sharp man who not only located my line, but also figured that the line to the exchange was degraded somewhere and decided to rewire my line to another free line in the DCN then back to the exchange.

So here we are, 2 weeks later, got my line fixed. What have we learnt, people will say everything if they have no idea what the problem is and get rid of the issue. Hands down to Smart for having followed the problem so closely and made sure that eircom would come back again until the problem was fixed…