How the French got stuffed by the RIAA

Well, I am not the one saying that, this is yet another article found on the Register called RIAA : how they turned the French. And this is quite shocking when you look at it. My favorite part : We asked, ‘Who’s going to invest in French music?’ With an ISPs and a flat fee, […]

FreeBSD 6.2 is out !

Oh yeah, this is one I was waiting for. The new and improved FreeBSD is out. Release 6.2 will bring happiness and joy among Systems Administrators but not only. The new release brings some neat features : freebsd-update(8) provides officially supported binary updates for security fixes and errata patches Experimental support for CAPP security event […]

Channel 4 goes VOD

As the Register put it, Channel 4 is now gold for Video On Demand. Now that is great, and my favorite part of all : “access to films and Channel-4 TV shows to a Windows PC using Microsoft’s Media Player DRM”. That’s great, just after the European Council failing to stream with anything else than […]