Enabling HDMI sound on an ion2 motherboard for XBMC

A friend of mine gave me a nice home made HTPC. I had forgotten the joy of setting up sound and video on Linux. I ended up installing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with the latest XBMC 13.0 but the part that really was troublesome was to get the sound working. Turns out PulseAudio tries to be […]

Safely overclocking your Raspberry Pi

Safely might be a slight overstatement but I have been in the overclocking business for a long time now. I did not really consider overclocking my Raspberry until I read some post than claimed that OpenElec (which is what I use) had gained some serious speed by doing so. My hardware is a Raspberry Pi […]

Booting XBMC OpenELEC with NFS storage

I have had a raspberry pi type B for a few weeks now and one problem that I have is on the SD card which can get stressed and corrupt XBMC data. I was looking for a solution tonight and eventually stepped on it reading a few pages from the wiki. Since I still want […]