Enabling DNSSEC validation on Bind

Lately I discovered that my DNSSEC resolvers where not enabled right. I took a look at the big internet and found a solution fairly quickly. So in short, if you want to use it, edit your named.conf.options (or equivalent, I use Debian, YMMV) then add (note: managed-keys is for Bind 9.7 or above, for previous […]

Fabric, one to rule them all

Thanks to iMil I recently discovered about Fabric. Fabric is a powerful python utility allowing you to manage plenty of machines across your LAN. I started experimenting on a few boxes, Debian and CentOS based at the moment, so here’s the dependencies just in case you need them.Debian: apt-get install python-setuptools python-crypto CentOS: yum install […]

Mikrotik 450G

My friend Sean recently convinced me to purchase a small appliance build by a company which has been around for quite some time : Mikrotik. What motivated me to purchase the 450G was the fact that having recently upgraded to a 30Mb service, my beloved Soekris 4801 could not cut it anymore. I saturated it […]