NiN is back

Slightly off-topic on the computer side but I thought I’d mention it (especially since this blog in English hasn’t been updated since December…). Nine Inch Nails (and the man behind : Trent Reznor) went a step further than the RIAAA and the music labels would like by offering for free the 9 first tracks of their new album while the full cost as little as 5 dollars.

Compared to RadioHead (who claimed that they’d been ripped off and putting an album online wasn’t a good idea), NiN’s new album seems to be quite successful and even put the site limits to a crawl at some stage over night. Refreshing to see that the internet is not all big black wolf as the RIAAA would have us believe.

Now, onto the website!

2 thoughts on “NiN is back

  1. I grabbed the downloads via torrent as soon as I knew about it (yesterday morning) and I really like the album.

    I’m hoping a vinyl version for /less/ than $300 will be available, as I don’t see the point in buying CDs anymore.

  2. yeah, 300 dollars is slightly expensive… I bought the 75 dollars version since I wanted the extra DVD stuff. The album is good although previous stuff was better in my opinion.

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