Vista is bad for you

And believe it or not, I am not even the one telling you this, not only the register did with this article but today, the Free Software Foundation launched a campaign called BadVista which aims at warning people against closed-source software but also promoting Free Software alternatives.

In the long run, I am sure when people will get really fed up with what Microsoft is forcing on them, they will realise there is a free world out there …

One thought on “Vista is bad for you

  1. I absolutely agree!

    VISTA is bad for you. If you’re in a corner to use MS software, don’t go for vista, go for a Win2k or Winnt4.0 if you can…#

    The goods thing is: there’s always an alternative to Windows. I suggest Linux & FreeBSD!

    Regards, Romualdas (IAmHappy)

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