Nexus 4 first thoughts and random shit

It has been almost 5 days that I have ditched my Samsung S3 for a Nexus 4. I have had time to witness issues and other things, so what do have to say after almost a week of usage. During the week, 4.2.2 dropped by OTA, I have yet to see the benefits but it can only be better right!?

Well, the bad news first, as previously mentioned, the camera is definitely sub par compared to the S3, it does not matter too much since I don’t make an big use of it. I got mostly used to the screen compared to the S3, definitely not as shiny but I am starting to mind less about it. I had an issue with trying to enable bluetooth to connect to my speakers, a reboot fixed that. That is all I can think on the bad news really.

On the upside, the battery life is just stellar… I got 2 days and 2h+ on a single charge with 5h on screen mostly watching videos, browsing the web and listening to music, this is in line with the battery I was getting on the Samsung S3 using Cyanogenmod 10.1

The speed of the device is amazing enough to mention again, it really really kicks ass. I have yet to find smoother and faster. I recall using Jellybean on a Nexus 7 and thinking that it would be nice if my phone could be that snappy, well it is!

I dropped the phone already once, and was very happy to have purchased that cover. I am fairly sure it saved its skin (dropped off a meter onto tiles).

I read on the internet about hardware revisions. Apparently back in November, revision 10 shipped out and had some hardware issues, that got solved in February by revision 11 (the unit i got). A revision 12 is under wraps apparently. But so is the life of a device, never get the first. You can check which one you have by shutting down the phone then pressing simulteanously volume down + power.

So after a few days, I am strongly confident I made the right choice, amazing device. Thank you Google for making a stock device so nice to use!