Nexus 5

It was only a few months ago (February 2013) when I got the Nexus 4, a device I truly loved. Being the Android fanboy that I am, when Google uncovered the Nexus 5 at the beginning of the month, I could not resist. In fairness, if you compare them side by side, they might not be that different after all, but what mostly caught my attention was a promise for much faster CPU, better and bigger screen with 1080p resolution, better camera. That is about it.

I read two reviews before deciding to order, the one from EnGadget and the one from The Verge. My main gripes with the Nexus 4 were the camera and the screen quality. I am glad to report that these have been fixed, at least to my standards.

Again, you get google stock Android which is nice. Kitkat needs a bit of tuning though which I expect to see happening quickly. Once you tame the Location service and disable Google Now, the device performs wonderfully on saving battery. In my normal day to day usage, I reach something similar to the Nexus 4, about 2 days uptime and 5 hours screen on time.

Google also managed to create a very sexy device. The Nexus 5 feels nicer in hand than the previous Nexus, managing to go beyond my expectations on this one. The device is also amazingly fast, like really blazing fast. This is quite amazing, the change in CPU really makes the difference. I will be curious to see how fast the Nexus 4 will be on kitkat whence the update is available.

So, no regret.