Installing emoncms on your home server

I have started to look into home automation and graphing energy consumption. There is a plethora of proprietary solutions out there which of course are in my view not ideal. I stumbled across this project: OpenEnergyMonitor which seems to tick all the boxes. The main criteria for me is OpenSource so I can export my data any way I see fit.

I have placed an order on some hardware that they sell, initially to monitor my electrical consumption but also temperature and humidity levels. I am planning to add central heating controls at a later stage.

This first post is to breakdown the installation of the software on a normal Linux server. Obviously, I am assuming you know Linux a bit and you already have a LAMP installation somewhere. The following instructions are for CentOS 6.x, you can also find full instructions here. Also, I am not touching on security, so it is up to you to secure your setup any way you see fit.

You will need redis and MySQL especially based on this test.

You can start by installing the required backend and checkout the latest sources:

git clone

Then copy the default settings file in the folder and edit to match your MySQL configuration (you will need to create a default database for the project in MySQL). Then change the following settings:

  $username = "yourluser";
  $password = "yourpass";
  $server   = "yourserver";
  $database = "yourdatabasename";
  $default_engine = Engine::MYSQL;

You will need the EPEL repository to install redis, like doing so:

yum install redis php-redis
service redis start
chkconfig redis on

This should allow you to head to your vhost on your local server and register for a new account, this will by default become an admin account, so treat accordingly.

I will add more on redis and the setup of the devices whence I receive them.