24h with the SGS II

I have caved in and bought the Samsung Galaxy SII. This is a short entry about the differences and neatness I found compared to my previously beloved phone: the SGS.

It packs an impressive amount of stuff. In short, twice the memory from the last device (that is both RAM and internal), 8MP camera (vs 5MP on the previous one) with a flash led, gorilla glass slightly bigger than the previous. Since I am in a good mood, here’s the comparison chart.

It comes with Gingerbread 2.3.3 and Samsung’s own TouchWiz 4.0 (never been a big fan but might get to like it with time). On the applications side, the phone is fast, thanks to its dual core but foremost, native ext4. This was the reason for rooting and tweaking the original SGS.

I made a few camera shots, again, very nice quality, i took a few pictures, Here is a gallery.

In short for now, I am very impressed with the screen (yes, even nicer than the original SGS) and the speed of the phone. I have already seen a few effort into hacking the phone and making it better but will remain on stock for now.

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