Migration from wordpress to blogger

I have recently grown a bit tired of wordpress vulnerabilities. I know I could just help out on the project and get packages in the Debian security depo faster, but I went for a more radical approach. Being tired of managing my own site, I have decided to migrate this specific virtual host to blogger.

To my surprise, this didn’t require much. As you might imagine, I wanted all my previous posts to actually work and be imported successfully. This is were some trouble ensued. First one is, I migrated a French blog and clearly utf8 vs non utf8 doesn’t play well. I don’t think I will bother fixing/rewriting the entries unless I find an easy fix for this.

The first thing to know is that the XML you pull out of wordpress (Tools/Export) is not compatible with Blogger. You can fix it yourself or you can use this site: http://wordpress2blogger.appspot.com . If you are concerned with privacy issues or source code, you can check it out here. Once done, you can feed your newly created blogger with the output, works like a charm.

I have seen a few posts about this around but thought a little entry would not harm 🙂