Acer One and OpenVPN

Acer ships its Linux laptop with OpenVPN but they kinda forgot to include tun.ko as a module, not very handy…

I then downloaded the source kernel, and added it in there (compiled within a Fedora 8 VM just as they did for the rest of the system). So you can download it there : and copy it to /lib/modules/ obviously followed by a depmod -a.

Load it up and voilà!

4 thoughts on “Acer One and OpenVPN

  1. This is great, seems to be exactly what I need. But I’m completely new to Linux, all this is still quite a bit over my head. Could you elaborate? It would be some helpful. Thank you!

  2. Hey James, as explained on the page, you need to open a terminal then do : sudo su – and then copy the module to /lib/modules/ then do depmod -a

    That should then work. Note that updates will remove that module so you need to copy it over if you recently updated your laptop.

  3. Thanks a lot, I have searched the net quite some time for the tun module, thanks for providing it for download!

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