Acer One and PL2303

For those who own a serial to USB converter with a Prolific 2303 chipset, you can download a module for the default kernel provided with the Acer One. So download this : pl2303.ko then place it under /lib/modules/ Issue a depmod -a, load it up and voilà!

4 thoughts on “Acer One and PL2303

  1. Great hint, however you’ve missed part of the path to store the new module.

    It’s /lib/modules/

  2. Thanks, now corrected, that being said, it should really go under /extras rather than anywhere else. I am preparing a new release.

  3. Thank you very much!!, now I am writing this from my Acer Aspire One connected to my mobilphone SonyEriccson K300i with the DCU-11 cable, this DCU-11 utilizes the pl2303. Very easy with your help.


  4. Found your instructions to retrieve pl2303.ko incredibly easy. But, being very new to linux, am having trouble trying to figure how to move it to /lib/modules/

    Any chance of some advice from you, or any of the capable visitors here, how to get the job done. Been trying to get my small gps to work with my AA0 via USB/serial for about a week now. Your advice is the brightest hope I've seen in about a weeks worth of spare time searching google et al.

    Any info appreciated.


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