A few days with Android

I don’t exactly know how to start that post but here goes 🙂 I have been a Nokia phone fan from day one. Drifted away a bit there and then to Sony Ericsson always finding myself going back to Nokia. Few days ago, my n97 broke and I was faced with having no phone for a few days. I didn’t really fancy that (yes, I do realize some people call that heaven 🙂 so I started hunting for a new phone. As the new Nokia (N8) is not out yet, I eventually settled for the Samsung Galaxy S i9000.

This phone sports some nice hardware and runs on Android. Thanks to Sean, i’ve been lurking onto Android lately and received my phone a couple of days ago. I am more than happy about it even though this is only running 2.1. What made me buy it is its super amoled screen (shinyyyyy !) and the promise from Samsung that it will get an upgrade to 2.2

So far, very happy with it, bar the GPS software but judging by the time it took Nokia/Ovi to get it right, that’s only a matter of time I say.

I’ll post more on it later 🙂

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