Gentoo needs you

Well, only if you are already running Gentoo and using a stable tree. If not, you can stop right here 🙂 Anyway for the others (like me a couple of hours ago), you might know that on stable currently runs 1.3 which is getting slightly old. There are efforts currently made to jump to 1.5.3 and if you want to make that jump on your stable Gentoo, then take a look at this blog entry then upgrade accordingly. Granted 1.6.0 has been released but as far as I understand, once 1.5.x makes it into stable, moving to 1.6.x will be easier.

The added value to that jump is a brand new with a far better HAL, and many improvements on the hardware support front. If that is not enough for you to make that step, there is still KDE 4.2 🙂

Here is one screenshot I took earlier on this afternoon (this is on a slackware 12.2 with KDE 4.2 from /testing):