One month with an Android Phone

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I (for the first time in 7 years, i did the move from Symbian to Android) bought a Samsung Galaxy S i9000. If there were two items i’d keep on that phone versus its competition, this would be the super AMOLED screen, pure jewel and the second would definitely be its integrated 8GB of storage, which make it really nice to install applications on until Android 2.2 gets released which will allow you to use your microSDHC to do the same. That’s right, Samsung issued a statement promising 2.2 to this phone and honestly, i think it can take it.

A friend of mine posted something quite interesting about Google phones versus rebranded ones with resellers added value (applications and GUI tweaks). Although engadget pretty much destroyed samsung’s touch tweaks, i like them myself.

So compared to my old nokia n97, this is fairly clear, useability has nothing compared with this new phone, every single action is a breeze. This is in my view, a real touch phone. For those who have a google account (and we are many out there), the integration of all google services makes it really nice to use, be it buzz, gmail or picasa. On the minus side, the battery goes really quick and I hope this will be improved in the software update. My other minus is that from time to time, the phone misses calls, screen remains black and i cannot pickup. A bit annoying really…

But so far, i completely repeat what I said before, this really is a killer phone, in the likes of the iPhone but running Linux which in my view, makes it more than worth it.