Comicflow on iPad using webdav

I have some comics in .cbr .cbz format I wanted to transfer to read on my iPad on the go. I looked for a few comics clients and settled on an opensource and free one called comicflow (if you are interested, you can find the sources here).

So the cool thing about this app is no need for iTunes hell, you can just use webdav to connect to it. Under linux, being a command line nut, i used cadaver. This is as simple as typing: cadaver, then input the password shown by comicflow and voila, it will start transferring.

If you install davfs2 you can rsync your stuff directly on the server, all you need to do is add a mountpoint in /etc/fstab such as /mnt/dav davfs noauto,user 0 0 and you can mount it directly on your linux. Beware that it DOES NOT support locks.