Remote logs with syslog-ng and logstash

It has been a while since I wanted to test logstash as a central syslog-ng server. Turns out that it is dead simple. This is a quick guide so I remember about it the next time. I went for a VM on CentOS 6.3 which has syslog-ng and a few syslog-ng clients sending logs remotely […]

Getting to like Ubuntu 12.04 LTS again…

This post follows my previous where I blogged on replicating an ubuntu repo locally. As I had a few stations to install using the same method everytime, I have decided to document the setup to 12.04 LTS. First things first, disabling Unity and reverting to Gnome Classic (log out then select gnome-classic from the login […]

Creating local Debian/Ubuntu mirrors on a HDD

I will soon be in a place where internet bandwidth will be limited and I will have to upgrade about 5 workstations to the latest Ubuntu LTS. Back then in $previous_workplace, I set up debmirror back then and moved onto apt-mirror afterwards. I currently run Arch Linux on my home workstation and needed to replicate […]

Cobbler on CentOS6

I got to play with this recently at work and thought that I would write this as a reminder before I forget 🙂 First things first, you need a CentOS6 server and then install the following packages yum install cobbler dhcp. Then edit your DHCP daemon, you can use ranges but I prefer static DHCP […]

Comicflow on iPad using webdav

I have some comics in .cbr .cbz format I wanted to transfer to read on my iPad on the go. I looked for a few comics clients and settled on an opensource and free one called comicflow (if you are interested, you can find the sources here). So the cool thing about this app is […]

Secure SMTP between CentOS servers

Today I played a bit with SMTP/s for the sole purpose of getting encrypted communications across the board between 2 or more hosts. I have done a fair few setups before but this one comprises of 2 CentOS hosts, tic on 5.8 and tac on 6.2. In this setup, tac will be the master SMTP/s […]

Fuck you spamming bitches

Wow, amazed. I wrote a new entry yesterday about Cyanogenmod 9 and not later than this evening, I had 17 comments in moderation, all spams with useless sentences and web links to spamming sites. So fuck you spammers.

Happy New Year 2012!

Here we go, another year passed. So a Happy New Year to you all, I thought It was time for some stats so here goes: – 41 entries posted – most popular articles were about my Samsung Galaxy SII and secret codes and cyanogen – visits steadily increased from 2000 to 10000 every month throughout […]

Graphite and Nginx

I have been working on Graphite for a while and the one thing I didn’t like much was having to use Apache. It took some time to get it right, but I have eventually set it up to use supervisor, uwsgi and nginx. I have installed graphite 0.9.9 from sources. This setup is on a […]

cgit on nginx

A friend of mine made me aware of a nicer web interface for git than gitweb called cgit. You will need to grab the source and compile it. I am assuming that you use /var/www/ as the root of your web server and fcgiwrap which should be configured right already. This is the missing bits […]