Highly redundant FS server with DRBD

I got to work on a pretty cool piece of hardware lately in order to setup a highly redundant FS server. This is on Centos 5.x, you will need to grab the following packages from CentOS+: drbd83, kmod-drbd83, make sure you exactly match your kernel revision, you can grab the RPMS from the official mirror […]

IPVS, the right way

I had a close encounter with IPVS lately and wanted to document my findings. Imagine a setup whereby you have one IP used for a bunch of hosts on port 80, for the sake of the example we’ll call that one, now let us take 3 boxes, the IPVS one with IP, and […]

dhclient the right way(tm)

This is not exactly complicated but I feel the need to document this before I forget. Say you have a machine facing a hostile DHCP server (the type which is very aggressive with lease times). The problem here is that you need a long list of DNS and search to your resolv.conf. There are many […]


Hello, You are now seeing my new blog migrated from blogger. If you spot anything out of the ordinary or broken, please get in touch with me.

blocked on google+

A few months ago, I got banned for not using a real name on facebook. Well, guess what, this happened on google+ too. I am not pleased and I am not the only one. At the minute I can see other posts but cannot create new ones. I got the following message: Your profile is […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 : Cyanogen, it’s here!

For the last few days, CyanogenMod 7 got released this week, you can read all about the changes and how to install it on the linked thread. I have decided to write a quick entry with all the useful links for a nice experience with cm7. I would advise to take a look at the […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 : secret codes

There was a nice post on XDA not long ago summing up the list of secret codes for this handset, I’ve decided to paste them here since it will come in handy again. I have wiped out a few too since there were a lot of codes I didn’t see the point for. *#1234# = […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 : Alternative ROMs, part 2

I have discovered a few more new ROMs available since, and decided to add them to my list: – Darky ROM: this one is quite known especially for SGS users, nice battery life, a few customisations, rooted ROM, it just entered beta. – MIUI: Very similar ROM to cyanogen since it is build from scratch […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 : Alternative ROMs

I took some time to look around for alternative ROMs, here is a quick list of my findings: – Villain ROM : rooted ROM and deodexed, some optimized apps. For the install, follow the guide– Lite’ning ROM : new skin, tweaks from 2.3.4, optimized apps, circular battery, rooted ROM and a few other good things […]

2 factor SSH authentication

Google has released a nice API quite a while back called the Google Authenticator. I am sure some of you use it already for your gmail account (if you don’t, you should). You install it from the Android Market (or Apple Market for the Apple lovers out there) then setup your account. I recently read […]